The weather has turned. The past two days we've woken up to rain, which is lovely after a brutal summer. The sun comes up later and later, and nights are turning colder. Most of the trees have already turned. The one outside my window has turned yellowed and in the early mornings against the black, it looks like a ghost flitting around.

In all honestly, I'm kinda glad the temperatures have cooled. I'm now able to knit with wool and it's wonderful. I've joined the second ball on the body of my sweater. It's about two inches away from waist shaping, then back to full body.

GoJira has moved into the bedroom with us at night. Grilltech figures by Christmas she'll be on the bed. Right now, she's on the floor. Both Fran and Uggy aren't quite happy with this new change.

I've decided to the from the couch to 5K with a twist. Or I would be if my phone supported the application. (sigh) Now I'm waiting for Grilltech to get his new phone, so I can get mine.

I've been having twisted work dreams; not sure if it's stress or something else is going on. Today Gnome called me over to his desk and showed me an email about another job I had put in for; they wanted to know if I'm a hard worker and would be a good fit for his team. Gnome is a bit conflicted about that one, because he knows I'm happy. Bored, but happy.

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Amy Lane said...

Bored but happy isn't bad! Beats bored and miserable any day!

And yes-- I was SO ready for fall when it arrived!