List Day

  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Roxie, why is it you don't make tea cozies like this?
  • We started watching True Blood last night, very... interesting
  • We have tomorrow off!
  • Today's colorway is amazing
  • Where did this headache come from?
  • The daystar is out! (It burns! It burns!)
  • Site POC meeting and I'm the only one here... Five more minutes and I'm gone also
  • Kitty sunbeam time
  • Hate it when I spill ice water down the front of my shirt
  • BBQer's lunch smells like cat food - it was corned beef and cabbage
  • Now it smells like french fries
  • We're home making soup and cheese biscuits


Roxie said...

Would you LIKE to have a tea cozy made like that? I'd be happy to oblige.

True Blood -the books are so much better. Funnier and less gory.

Sandra said...

I. want. that. tea. cozy.

I really, really, do...

or at least some sort of pattern...

Amy Lane said...

The Day Star hates me...