List Day

  • Who has two thumbs and forgot her knitting? That's right! Me! I did remember to bring my iPad, so I'll have something to do during breaks.
  • One of my favorite designers is Clearance, I got two shirts by him. Both the same size, or so they say. First one fits rather nicely. The second one? Not to much, a bit tight in the back and arms. It's rather annoying.
  • The sun is shielded behind thick gray clouds, the only reason I know where its at is the bright spot and slight blurring above and below.
  • Much like everyone else, DST isn't making my life easier. We went to bed at 2030 last night and I didn't want to get up at all.
  • I hate it when the ice dam breaks and water runs down my shirt.
  • Today's lunch is leftover pork ribs from last night. Grilltech is so amazing. I think it's time to go heat up lunch.
  • What is that smell? It’s very chemically and making me a bit sick.
  • Might as well turn this post into a list day.
  • I think I need to go wash my face, might have BBQ sauce on it
  • It's time to go floss my teeth and wash out the lunch container
  • It's hot in here
  • I'm starting to get forgetful
  • Spent almost a 100 bucks at the yarn store on Saturday
  • That was after the discount
  • I won't mention I had put in a special order for more sea silk
  • Can no longer see the sun or even the slight brightness, maybe it's going to rain again


Galad said...

Hooray for yarn shopping!

Donna Lee said...

No yarn shopping for me, washing machine shopping instead. Tough choice, clean clothes or new yarn?

I suppose I could always go to the laundramat.

Amy Lane said...

Yarn. Definitely yarn...

Amy Lane said...

You SO know I love that video too!