Monday, Monday

Three day weekends are very nice. We went to the gym early Saturday morning, but the pool was stuffed with swimmers. So, we spent ten minutes in the hot tub and went to breakfast. The rest of the weekend was spent doing more pleasurable pursuits: watching series TV and knitting. After the weekend of sleeping in late,
crawling out of bed this morning was a bit challenging. Now hours later, I simply want to lay my head on the desk and nap.

I seem to have misplaced my one of my cabling needles. So, I've swiped the one from the hood to finish my sock. Honestly, I haven't worked on the hood for a week or two, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Perky joined the gym again. Today she picked me from work and to the pool we went. On the drive there, I saw one of the babies at the nest. On the 19th, Grilltech mentioned he had saw one but we hadn't seen them since. Today he sent me a text saying there are two of them there now. I had to reply back, pictures or it didn't happen.

I'm so mean at times.


Donna Lee said...

As the alarm went off this morning, I was thinking, "there are people somewhere in the world who leap out of bed, ready to face their day with enthusiasm. We are not them".

We have not reestablished the gym pattern yet. We're still hit or miss, mostly miss.

Roxie said...

Watching tv and knitting. Sounds like heaven!

I have cabled with a straightened paperclip when I had to. You can never have too many spare cable needles!

Galad said...

Three day weekends are wonderful. Amazing what a difference that extra day makes.

Amy Lane said...

I yearn for a weekend like that...