It's the middle of winter and I'm sick of it all. I'm ready for warm summer days and nights. I'm sick of being on the verge of tears. At least I hope that's the reason for my depression. If it is depression. Tomorrow I go talk to my therapist, maybe she'll give me some helpful hints to deal. I don't want to go from January to April feeling like this again.

I've got one project on the needles right now - okay two but the blanket is long term. I'm not sure if I dislike double knitting or having to look at the pattern every couple of stitches. But the scarf is going slow. Okay, I lied. I have three projects - a pair of socks for me.

We've started back to the gym. Yesterday was cardio, today will be weights. Plus karate tonight. I like the idea of losing weight and getting fit, but hate the work to do it. Isn't it easier to be fat and happy? Oh wait, I'm not happy.


Sandra said...

I'm done with winter as well. Like The Band Perry says, DONE!
And if you find the weight-loss-without-work deal, let me know. I'm in.

Donna Lee said...

I don't mind the winter (although I am getting tired of wearing all these clothes!). Try putting an all spectrum bulb where you sit the most often. Sometimes the light helps. (not that I'm making light of you depression- I'm truly not. My caseload at work is full of people who have SAD)

We were supposed to go back to the gym yesterday but got caught up at work. You phrased it perfectly, "I want to get in shape but don't want to do the work". I hate exercising and dislike the gym but know it's important so we'll go. I'd like it if I could find a tai chi class.

Galad said...

Glad you have someone to talk to that hopefully can help. I'd second Donna Lee's idea on the light. More all spectrum light has helped several people I know with winter depression, which even happens in Arizona.

Have you been listening to the arguments in my head about exercise? I like the idea of being in shape way better than actually doing what it takes to get there. I too hate to exercise even though I know I feel better when I do.

Time to put my shoes on and take a walk!

Roxie said...

I feel for you! Wish there were some magic solution. If you find one, let me know. I just want to sit on the floor of the closet and suck my thumb.