Yesterday, we had to dress in business casual. Since I'm pretty lazy and I haven't shaved my legs in years months, I wore a skirt with leg warmers. I'm sure several people laughed at me, but I was warm. Today, I'm in jeans and wishing I had worn the leg warmers, because I'm chilly. It doesn't help that my cube mate has a fan going because he's hot. Yes, a HIM.

We're getting freezing rain here. While the water is really needed, the freezing part I can do without. Right outside my window is a ice covered tree, it looks amazing. Not the same way a sun rise or set looks, but lovely the same. Water is dripping from the icicles, I can't tell if it's still raining or it's melting. The drive home should be very interesting.

I finished my sock and started the second one. My knitting funk has loosened, but it's still a death grip. I'm about half way through the first chart of the double knit scarf with five more charts to go - really 11 because Grilltech wants a long one. I'm two squares away from finishing the current row on the blanket. In the evenings, so I do any of those? No, I play stupid video games. Deep breath This too, shall pass.


Galad said...

This will pass, and the knitting police won't come and take you away because you took a break. Keep breathing

Roxie said...

I don't even play stupid video games. Solitaire is my drug of choice. It's just a phase we're going through.