Adventures in OS

On Tuesday night, I backed up my email and asked Grilltech to scrub my OS. I couldn't take not being able to use my computer anymore. It had Windows 7 on it and I couldn't do anything. Playing a game of solitaire was an exercise of sainthood, because the lag was bad. Wait 30 seconds for the card to select bad. If I was listening to music and tried to do anything, it would sputter. Perky described it as Tourettes. I could not take it anymore, because what is the point of having a computer if I can't use it?

Grilltech, being the wonderful husband he is, had XP loaded within three hours. The next day, I started loading programs. I don't know why or how it happened but I got some sort of a virus on the system and it crashed again - NTLoader not found. Another OS load, because with the NTLoader gone, there is no OS. Grilltech sighed but had it going within 45 minutes.

Did you know Winzip 18 doesn't work with XP? We didn't either until last night. However, Winzip 15 does work. I was able to get Civ loaded, so I can start playing it. Just not tonight, because it's game night. Once Office installed and flash player is installed I'll be all set.

Not quite a new computer, but better than Windows 7.

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Sandra said...

I love upgrades, but hate upgrading...