List Day!

  • There were four cars at the bar this morning
  • It was also pouring rain
  • I have one more inch to go before I start the toe on Grilltech's sock
  • I've started the thumb gusset on my first mitt
  • I should have three of them knit by now, I've started it twice now
  • My computer has been updated, now I can't see the internet
  • Stupid proxies, once they've been reset I'll be able to surf
  • Yesterday we watched the neighbor's dog Speedy and Havac playing
  • Havac is about 1/3rd the size of Speedy, it was way cute
  • Grilltech made THE BEST chicken last night
  • We're having soup on Saturday
  • Fourth reboot of the day and it's only 0630
  • I'm back on the internet
  • The air conditioning is on in here
  • I've started the toe
  • odd, turns out the Gnome really isn't a demon
  • Convert and BBQer about died from laughing so hard
  • I'd have to say as a team no one is looking at the For All to Read folder because I found something that was misfiled four days ago
  • Which means complaints about stuff being filed wrong will increase
  • Whew, last night's couscous got hotter today
  • There was something I was thinking I wanted from the LYS, but right now I can't remember what it was
  • Grilltech has offered to get me a scale that posts to twitter
  • I've declined that awesome gesture
  • I guess I could get it, I don't twitter
  • There is snow in the foot hills, rumor has it, the snow might make it down here in the valley on Friday
  • Ick, not ready for snow
  • My sunstone showed up today


Galad said...

I was telling someone about Grilltech and amazing barbecue guy the other day. They had no idea there were barbecue competitions. There is always something new to learn isn't there.

Donna Lee said...

One of my brother's friends is a bbq judge. He's not much of a cook but he loves to eat.

I am trying to get used to Windows 7 and I hate being a guinea pig.

Amy Lane said...

Turns out, Curmudgeonly Colleague isn't a demon either... it was worth a try... and I hate it when I have unresolved LYS moments.. I always end up buying something I don't need.