List Day!

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Half the team is across the street at the new building, with limited access
  • I'm having a hard time focusing
  • Grilltech said something about going stargazing this weekend
  • All I can think about is if I call in sick tomorrow, could I have my shawl finished?
  • Roxy, a Wii is a gaming console that has some fitness games
  • Listening to ABBA, all I think of is the movie
  • Next week, I'll be moving to sit next to Procreator
  • I'm still graceful as ever, I tripped over a garbage can in the middle of the bay
  • The team decided to do an ice cream social tomorrow
  • Yea, half the team will miss it
  • Nice, someone bitched about the four of us in a quick circle
  • Had a hard time not telling the Gnome to byte me
  • Every time I step on the Wii it goes ugh, today it actually said good
  • I know, stupid things
  • Havoc got a hair cut, he's so cute
  • Off to knit, I've got a shawl to finish


Roxie said...

Happy knitting! Will the shawl keep you up into the wee hours? ("One more row. Then I'll do the dishes and go to bed.")

I'm gettting t-shirts made in various languages for DH to wear to work, all saying "Bite me!" I thought Klingon might be an especially nice version.

Mr. Shife said...

List day is awesome. I think you definitely should tell the Gnome to byte you. Have a good weekend and good luck finishing the shawl.

Galad said...

Can't wait for pictures of the finished shawl :-)

Amy Lane said...

Hey-- small stuff makes up our lives! Noticing them makes our lives important!