Weekend Recap

Friday after work Grilltech and I napped, so we could watch the meteor shower.  The bulk of the show started at midnight local time.  We got there and right of the bat there was two streaks across the sky.  We both knew it was going to be a good night of watching. Two or three more meteors was spotted, then the clouds rolled in blocking our view. 

Saturday Grilltech lived up to his name and smoked two briskets.  One was for us, the other was for two co-workers who love brisket also.  Grilltech breaks the meat down into one pound packages, so they get a real deal price wise.

Monday we was going to do ribs, but Perky had to work so Grilltech had to grill again on Sunday.   I'm sure he was a bit burnt out having to work the grill two days in a row, but he did a wonderful three racks of ribs. We have one rack left for dinner tomorrow night.

Monday was a holiday...  It was Baby Bird's birthday. She turned the positively old age of seven. We took her to the aquiramum to look at all the fish.  She enjoyed petting the sting rays, starfish, and urchins. She was able to feed them as well, but the rays did freak her out a bit. As we was leaving, Baby Bird say next time she wants to go to the zoo.  I told her shr was at the fish zoo, but that wasn't as good as the regular zoo.  Next year we know better.  

Today at work, I had to do all the normal Monday stuff, so I kept thinking it was Monday. Had to look at the calendar to make sure I was on the right day. Tonight is karate, but I'm not feeling well, still stay home and knit.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, the week is off to a good start.

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Galad said...

I can't believe Baby Bird is 7! When did that happen?

I planned to stay up and watch the meteor shower but fell asleep early. Getting old sucks LOL