For some strange reason I keep thinking today is the 26th. Which it can't be, because if it was, I'd still be in bed. I just can't seem to stop mis-dating things. Its very confusing.

Grilltech took me to see Godzilla this weekend. It was good. Lots of destruction. The writers did a nice job of interjecting the human story between fighting monsters. Grilltech was saying Godzilla 2 was green-lit, so there might be another one to go watch in two or three years.

I finished my bag and a quick pot holder. I couldn't remember how to weave the string through the holes, so I did the best I could. I think I messed up on the last weaving, but its together. I haven't been working on the sweater because its taking so long to a row. I know, I should. But I wanted something quick and easy and done. Verses the sweater that will take months.

When I got home, iTunes wanted to update. Then it turned into hell. I've been spending the last two hours getting the computer to sync with my phone. I had to rebuild music library to do it. I'm not a happy camper at all. Hopefully before bed time it will be straightened out.

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Donna Lee said...

Itunes has been asking me to update for a while and I keep saying NO. I hate trying to get used to the changed setup (ane it always changes just enough to be a pain in the ass)

I can't wait to see Godzilla! I'm thinking maybe Friday night as a reward for making it through this long week.