List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning, they're still remodeling
  • The mail server on the other computer is acting up
  • I'm wearing a pair of leg warmers my granny made me.... back in the 80's
  • It's nice to know I'm not the only one thinking X would make an awesome yarn color
  • I'm reading First World Problems again
  • In addition of a nice sunrise, I did see a Sun Dog
  • Yea, I shouldn't have to listen to crappy death metal from the next cube over
  • Wow, my psychic screaming at the cow-orker worked! Crappy death metal is off!
  • Anyone want an annoying cat?


Roxie said...

sun dogs are so cool!

Amy Lane said...

I have an annoying cat-- want mine? (And crappy-death metal? bummer... if they're listening to death-metal, it should be AWESOME death metal!)