Do Over?

I'd say I'd really want a do over of today, but honestly.... NO. Work is done and I don't want to cry at my desk again. The car has a full tank of gas, it waited until I was done shopping before not turning over. Grilltech's pickup was towed home from the other side of town today. I think that was the only thing that really went as planned.

I'd show you our new family member, but she's currently hiding under the bathroom sink.

I'm gonna drink hot chocolate and knit. Tomorrow is my do over, it'll be better.


Roxie said...

Bummer! Crying at the desk? Oh, Sweetie! You poor baby!

Bummer 2! Not the time of year you want the cars to die.

New family member? Photos?

Knitting will make everything better. It always does.

Sandra said...

are you sure you don't want something stronger than hot chocolate?
Here's hoping things get better, FAST!

emicat said...

:( Not a good day - hope things improve for the better very, very soon! I've had a few of those cryin at the desk episodes at work myself. It's been rough all around - hang in there!

Galad said...

Hang in there. Hope the rest of your week is going better

Amy Lane said...

Aw, baby! Yes.. no do over of this day... this day is history, and knitting in your woman-cave is your present for surviving!