1000 Words

Down the street, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Fran helped me take pictures. Not sure how she was helping from across the yard.

I'm putting a border along the bottom of the sock blanket, I'm tired of looking at strings hanging off.

Some friends gave us purple potatoes.

They're really purple, the hash browns - purples? - turned out really good. I'll be taking some up to my parents on Wednesday.

Our new family member, who we call Freya. She's been staying under the bathroom sink, but Sunday she decided the bed was reasonable. Until Uggy came and kicked her off. Uggy's not good at sharing.

The typical look Freya gives us.
Clearly, she's starting her diary...


Roxie said...

Love the sock blanket! Love the potatoes! Love Freya!

emicat said...

Awww, Freya's adorable (and she's most certainly got that pissed off cat look down pat!)

Whoa, now those are some major purple potatoes.

Donna Lee said...

Freya is beautiful. I'd be careful. She looks like she has some special cat powers and is aiming her laser eyes at you!

The sock blanket is so colorful and beautiful.

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- I just wrote a character whose name was Freya Bitner-- her best friend shortened it to Fly Bait. I'm going to be thinking about Fly Bait the cat for a while--I love it!