List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning
  • I hate working when I'm PMSing, because the overwhelming desire to send a response stating Dumbass, I don't want to have to deal with your whiny shit today
  • I get to reboot my (other) system, I should be happy it wants to do it now, instead of the middle of the day when I'm knee deep in crap
  • I do not remember the alarm going off this morning until the third time
  • What?! The weather man did not say a word about snow or rain this morning - BBQer mentioned it was suppose do possibly both today
  • Today's sunrise would make a lovely color way
  • The wind is really kicking up, I hope it's not too cold
  • Delete the PTO; not the schedule. Guess I need to put the schedule back


Donna Lee said...

I was thinking of the same thing this morning. I looked out the train window and the sky was purple and salmon colored. I thought, "that would be a gorgeous yarn color".

Sandra said...


that defines my days sometimes - how I wish I could say it and not just think it...

Lovs2Knit said...

I've found the weather man lies frequently! There's suppose to be a small chance of snow for us today but we're suppose to see 1-2 inches tonight so we'll probably get a blizzard that'll drop 20 inches of snow on us instead. Mother nature and the weather man are in a battle of wits and mother nature is winning.

emicat said...

I don't even need PMS to send a reply like that to my coworkers, I pretty much feel that way all the time, lol

It's pretty cold here, I wonder what our PacNW winter is going to be like this season.

Megan said...

I find myself thinking the same thing a lot. Wouldn't that (fill in the blank with something from nature) make a beautiful colorway? Or sometimes I even imagine the leaves as a beautiful color for a cowl.

Amy Lane said...

Dude, e-mails like that have nothing to do with pms-ing and everything to do with dumbasses and whiny shit.