1000 Words

Down the street:

Last week's dinner, I sent a picture to Perky to offer her leftovers.

I don't always take pictures in a Mexican restaurant, but when I do, I make the Most Interesting Man in the World wish he knew how to knit.

A couple of posts ago, Roxie asked for pictures of the trees turning.

Down the street.

The street over.

Grilltech's new sock.

My sweater, almost done.


Galad said...

Love the leaf pictures :-) I had hoped to see more color when I was in Iowa but the trees were already pretty bare.

Donna Lee said...

Our trees are finally turning and it's beautiful. And so is your sweater. It's really coming along.

emicat said...

I love the trees this time of year. There's one outside my home that turns this gorgeous golden-y yellow - I finally had to take a photo of it this year. Looks like yoru sweater is coming along. I wish I can get started on mine, but I always want to start one a sweater for myself at bad timing (such as around the holidays when I'm too busy knitting for other ppl) - I'm just gonna have to try to work on it during the summer, ugh.

Roxie said...

Thanks ever so for the tree photos. Beautiful!

The sweater Rocks!

Amy Lane said...

Oh, your new sweater is so putty! So are the trees-- ours have started to turn, and I love it! And thanks--I would not have known who the most interesting man in the world was...