1000 Words

Down the street, it was almost a stormy evening.

The body of Grilltech's sweater.

The frosty morning leaves.

I didn't have a supervisor out there with me, so one had to be blurry.


Megan said...

Both those projects look like they are coming out so well! That is one of my favorite colors of gray.

Galad said...

That's what happens when you don't have a supervisor. Cats know this about us, yes they do.

Donna Lee said...

Operating a camera without a supervisor? You brazen thing, you!

I like the shawl pattern. It's reminiscent of the one I just finished that is blocking as we speak. I love leaf motifs in things.

Roxie said...

Ah, the last, lingering of summer. sigh.

The knitting rocks!