List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • It's really quite over here. BBQer is out on vacation and the two programmers aren't in!
  • Monday was Grilltech's 46th birthday
  • Usually we both take the day off to celebrate, but he doesn't have any time off left
  • so, I slept in on Monday for both of us
  • I bought a lottery ticket for Wednesday, but haven't looked at it yet
  • We might be working - rich
  • I'm on the yoke of his sweater, it should be done within the next two weeks
  • History channel moved Ancient Aliens to Wednesdays
  • We've got one more disk to go on last season's Big Bang Theory
  • Now the database is starting to move slowly
  • Maybe I should type slower, so it will understand my commands
  • Did I mention I only have 42 more decreases on his sweater to go?
  • Is it just me or would that picture on Ancient Alien's home page make a lovely lace project?
  • It appears we didn't win the lottery, and going to work today was a good thing


Amy Lane said...

Dude-- working rich-- wouldn't THAT be a change? And HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GRILLTECH, I DO ADORE YOU!

(And he's only two years and five days older than I am!)

And give this link to him for his birthday. He'll love it:

Donna Lee said...

We buy lottery tickets every week. Hope springs eternal.