Random Bytes

A quick post here:
  • I cannot stop eating Pop Chips
  • Grilltech's sweater is at 13 inches, only three more to go then I can add the sleeves
  • Fran was acting pretty sickly last night, I spent most of the day worried we'd need to take her to the vet
  • My neck is sore, but not as bad as yesterday
  • Season Seven?! Really? I didn't even watch Season Six
  • My parents gave Grilltech a pound of huckleberries
  • They made an awesome crumb cobbler
  • Hopefully the car will be fixed on Wednesday


Donna Lee said...

I was in Wegmans (a local upscale grocery store) when I heard a funny noise. I explored and discovered a machine making Coco Pops. They are amazing. Unlike plain rice cakes, they have a good texture and actual flavor of their own. I am now addicted.

My regular store has a poor substitute and now they are carrying Pop Chips which we also love. They are amazing.

Galad said...

I'll have to look for Pop Chips. Don't think I've ever seen them. Hope Fran is ok

Megan said...

How is Fran doing?

Amy Lane said...

How could you not watch season six? It's like I don't even kNOW you!