Saturday Night

Down the street, on a mostly cloudy day.

Fran - who is feeling much better - and Uggy watching from the doorway.

Grilltech's new sock, it's the prize package I won from Sandra.

Perky's finished socks.

The body of Grilltech's sweater.

The ducks at the fish park.

How far along Grilltech's sweater really is now, should be done soon*.

* Anytime between now and December 21, 2012


Donna Lee said...

Love the socks in progress. I like the color combinations. I wonder if our families realize how lucky they are to be related to knitters?

GrillTech said...

This family member does. Everytime I put on a pair of socks or slip into a sweater on a chilly day.

Love you Hunny Bunny

Amy Lane said...

Awww... Grill Tech is one of the keepers! So worth knitting for!