It's Over

It's not quite a bad day, but close enough. Don't believe me?

  • Woke up at this morning at 0400; a full 15 minutes before the alarm. It really sucks to have to get up and go pee right before I'm suppose to get up for the day.
  • When I was making Grilltech's eggs for breakfast, I cracked the first one and it almost went all over the counter. I managed to save most of it, but a huge chunk of shell was cooked into it. However, once I flipped the egg, I was able to pull the shell out. He ate the sandwich with no problem.
  • I was well into calibrating last week's shrink numbers, when I looked up and realized I was IN. THIS. WEEK. Yea. I had already cleared the calendar and zeroed out the shrink numbers. Thankfully, I hadn't saved anything and could put everything back.
  • I've reran the same report four (bleeping) times. The first time - numbers didn't look right. The second time - to verify the numbers were right. The third time, because I was in the wrong week. The fourth time? Because of instead of hitting crtl, shift A, I pressed crtl, shift Z. Wanna take a guess as to what crtl, shift Z does? Right, clears the spreadsheet.

All before 1030 in the morning. I'm put the lid on my cup before I reach across my desk and knock it over.

In other news, Grilltech's sweater is <.> this close to being done. Need to pick up stitches for the neck, do ten rounds of ribbing and the knitting is done. Depending on how the day ends, I may or may not work on it tonight.

I've finished chart five of the shawl. Three more charts to go. I keep looking at the yarn and thinking what will I make when I'm done with this? But then I keep forgetting shawls use more yarn towards the end, so I may not have as much I as I think I will.

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Amy Lane said...

Here's to better days than that one!!! And of course, I read ahead and saw that grill tech's sweater just fit right into the theme of the day...