List Day

  • There was one car at the bar this morning, I don't know if I should count it or not. It’s been parked there all week
  • I think the bar is remodeling, because the sign says closed and yesterday we saw work crews wandering in and out
  • Finished Grilltech's sweater!
  • He'll get to wear it on Friday, right now it's laying flat, drying
  • Remember Hey Teach? I started taking it apart last night
  • I'll knit the same thing again, only a smaller size
  • I've started the heel on Grilltech's sock
  • I've got a side of apple in my teeth doesn't have the same impact as I've got a side of beef in my teeth
  • Third day of rain, I'm glad it’s finally here but I would like to see some sunshine
  • One of the new guys has named himself... DQ2 (Drama Queen #2) because he really reminds me of DQ
  • It's almost time to break out the USB blanket again
  • I just spilled ice water down the front of my shirt


Megan said...

Congratulations on finishing the sweater!

Amy Lane said...

USB blanket... someday, it WILL be done, and THEN what will you do for a winter project?