1000 Words

Down the street:

Fran yelling You're doing it wrong!

Sleeves for Grilltech's newest sweater:

A sock for Perky:

My loot from Sandra's give away:


Donna Lee said...

My husband keeps making comments about 'sweater 2012' as if I'm listening. He wants another sweater. I think I'd like to surprise him and actually make him one.

I wish I were a cat some days. They know everything and get to sleep all day. If it weren't for that whole licking your bottom thing.

Sandra said...

glad the loot got there okay. I'm curious as to what you make with the Trend

Roxie said...

Like the photos! Lucky Grill Tech. Lucky Perky. Lucky you!

Amy Lane said...

Wheeee!!!! Loot! And kitties! And sock! And sweater!

Galad said...

Thanks for the great pictures. You are so good about that. Half the time I can't find my camera. Have a relaxing weekend !

Megan said...

lol, that cat picture is so cute!