Dye Lots?

Down the street:
The gray dot in the middle of the road? One of the neighbors seven cats. We refer to them as the Gang of Guses.

I finished the first side of my puzzle top. Instead of doing 12 inches wide, I went about 16, because yanno, I'm fluffy. I also went 48 inches long, instead of 42 inches.
It was only when I was taking the picture I noticed, the dye lots don't match. If this was a sweater I would be wearing in public, I might care, but it's a house shirt.

I started the other side.
Manged to get quite a bit of knitting done while waiting for Grilltech's surgery to finish up. He's doing quite well today.

Once again, I had no supervisors. Maybe the dye lots do match, and I took the picture wrong... Yea, that's it.


Donna Lee said...

I hope Grilltech's surgery wasn't anything seriously major. I needed both mindless and mindful knitting while sitting in the waiting room. My brain was all over the place.

I don't ever remember to check dyelots. I know I should but I don't. So far, I've been lucky. I love the design on the puzzle. It looks like it's moving up the top.

Roxie said...

Best wishes to Grilltech. Hope everything came out alright.

The puzzle top rocks! As for the dyelot thing - call it a design element. It's an art thing.

Mr. Shife said...

Hope Grilltech is recovering well, and don't get me started on cats. We are battling with our neighbor right now over her cat that goes anywhere it pleases in our block and leaves kitty brownies for Tank, who likes to bring them inside and eat them. Disgusting. Have a nice weekend.

emicat said...

Hope Mr. Grilltech's surgery went smoothly and is doing well. I love how your knitting WIP is looking so far - that's such a gorgeous color.

Amy Lane said...

Hope Grilltech is all well now... the puzzle top is VERY cool, and I'm SO not really obsessive about dye lots!