List Day

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • It’s a lovely cool cloudy day
  • A sun beam is warming up my arm and I want to curl up in it
  • My phone fell in the parking lot and the case is cracked
  • Which is way better than the face plate being cracked
  • The Earrings I ordered on Saturday night showed up in Wednesday's mail!!
  • I've finished the body of the tantric puzzle top
  • I think it's a bit small, which evens out the too big of Hey Teach
  • Maybe it's time to take up a new hobby
  • Oh hey, it's too hot to do karate
  • It appears with Irene coming, east coast operations is shutting down Friday night
  • Remember when I said it was a lovely cool day? Isis must have heard me and decided I should be made into a liar
  • The chickens are running around, and I have eight more minutes before I can leave


Donna Lee said...

We're bracing for Irene (and why do I keep hearing Good Night Irene in my head?). Things are closing for the weekend and I have to go grocery shopping this afternoon or there won't be any food left. Some govt official compared this to a "snow event" and we all know what happens before snow events. And this is my shopping week.

Amy Lane said...

Donna Lee kept hearing "Good Night Irene"--I kept hearing "Come on Irene!"

emicat said...

Erm no, you keep on with that hobby, missy!

I like the earrings - nice choice.

Megan said...

Very pretty earrings.