I've seen and/or read enough science fiction to know visits to the doctor's office is a piece of cake. Use the loo, they run a scanner over me, and in less than 10 minutes anything and everything that is wrong is diagnosed and fixed with an injection of nanobots. I'm driving home in my flying car in 30 minutes - 60 tops.

Sadly, the reality of the doctor's visit is vastly different. The waiting in the doctor's office, the needle pricks for blood draws, the undressing, other nasty tests, and then the real waiting begins. If I'm lucky - and I was - the tests come back negative. Now it's just waiting for time to pass until the next round of doctor's visit come up.

I've finished the sleeves on my top, put the body stitches on a spare needle, and tried it on. The sleeves aren't quite long enough. I'll also need several more inches on the body. Guess what? Yip, almost out of yarn.

I'm unable to find anymore of Deauville (by Lang) yarn, so I'm thinking of getting a couple of balls of another linen blend to help make it longer. I've used my Googlefu (and Ravelryfu) to see what I could find, apparently me and other woman (in Switzerland) are the only two people on the face of the planet who have bought this brand of yarn.


Galad said...

Glad the tests came back negative. Good luck with your yarn search

Donna Lee said...

I like your version of what a trip to the doctor could be. I'd like to give up taking the pills as well as the blood sticks (which reminds me, I have to stop next week on my way to work and donate some more blood to science).

Sorry about the yarn. Maybe the woman in Switzerland could send you some? (but she probably doesn't have the same color)

Roxie said...

Hmm, how about shorter sleeves? Personally, I hate 'em. but they are stylish. Otherwise, I'd cannibalize the sleeves to finish the body, then do complementary or contrast yarn for the sleeves.

But first, go through the WHOLE stash and see if maybe another ball of the Deauville hasn't wandered off by itself. You never know.

Glad the doctor visit came out all right. Modern medicine beats the old-fashioned stuff. Cod-liver oil and regular purges? No thanks!

Amy Lane said...

I have just now started to treasure googlefu and ravelryfu... I think they're ultimately underused martial arts!