Friday, June 29th

I am having the hardest time staying awake this morning. It wasn't evil kitties last night. It wasn't the tap-tap-tap of the oscillating fan. (I got up to turn it off and Grilltech threw his pillow at me. Okay he was aiming at the fan, but hit me instead.) I'm currently drinking my cup of iced tea, and it's not helping. I may have to get another cup. Broke down and drank a soda. After two sips, I'm more awake. Yea me

Wednesday, the youngest came over and wanted her birth certificate so they would be able to get the marriage license on Friday. What did I discover Thursday night? Yip, the certificate sitting on the coffee table. I called her twice, only to get her voice mail. She may have to swing by the house to pick it up on her way. I started the thumb last night. I managed to make about eight rounds before I quit knitting. I think it's way to hot to knit with alpaca/wool. It keeps sticking to me. I tried to get Grilltech to turn on the air conditioning, but he said, nope, it's not warm enough out side yet. It was 84 in the house. Summer doesn't appear to be for knitting.

I got the pictures working again.

And now for something completely different: (Unlike Trish I'm a family friendly site. (ha!)

Online Dating

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Trish said...

I found I like Coke Zero which isn't as good as regular Coke but isn't as bad as diet. :~)
I don't think I'd be knitting with wool if it was 80+ degrees in the house either. Time to swap to cotton.

Mr. Shife said...

I had a terrible case of caffeine withdrawals yesterday. I made it to about 1 before I felt like my head was going to explode. And my blog was rated R; I guess I am not so family friendly.

Amy Lane said...

It's weird...when you do start drinking again, the slightest sip of diet soda will give you the shakes...