Happy Solstice!!

Summer is officially here, now it's time to celebrate:

The Solstice is here and the Tau has stopped their endless movements for one day and night. Clans will meet if their travels will allow. In the day light hours children will gather twigs, flowers, and herbs to tie into bundles. While men prepare large bonfires and women fill tables with food and spirits. Children play games, and laughter flows like wine. The fires will be lit long before the sun goes down. People circle the fire throwing in gathered bundles. Fragrant smoke will fill the air, along with music and cheers. Toasts will be made to the both the sun and moon. Children to drift off to bed and adults dance the night away. Taken from the wandering scribe Xeno Fett History of the Tau, Year of Oak, 639

The evil ones were doing their jobs last night. Uggy kept waking me up once an hour - every hour - for the first three hours. About 0130, Fran demanded to be let into the house. The three that was out came in, while Uggy went out. At 0330, Uggy is at the window demanding to be let in. I think I'm going to invest in ear plugs. The brats can stay out all night.

Today the database dumped me five times. Time lost having to log in again was frustrating to say the least. Since I was still able to work, the system changed tactics and database started lagging for an hour. By lagging, I mean, timing out four times. Time is eaten away here and there, with nothing being completed. Before the system completely died I managed to get quite a bit done. I’ll still managed to get out the door at the correct time.

Last night, I did get the ribbing for the two-toned mitten finished. Then I happened to notice, well, I won't say, but I was really unhappy with Peaches and I had to wash the completed mitten.


Trish said...

Ah, you're having cat problems too. I'm not alone.

Carrie Penny said...

You have been tagged!

leyna said...

Everything is always poor pretty Peaches fault, how do you know it was not one of the other evil ones fault???? :)

Amy Lane said...

Kitties are evil...and I think they hate the Solstice because it gives them less dark to prowl... (Freaking Litha...)