Sunday, June 17th

My day with Baby Bird:

0830: Baby Bird dropped off. Eldest gave instructions: what she brought, what cries mean, and left the car seat at my request.

0900: Feed her.

1015: Eldest calls to check in. I let her know everything is fine. I resist the urge to tell her, we're shooting herion in the living room.

1035: Grilltech calls to check in. Tell him, we're watching cheesy Sci-Fi.

1118: Uggy comes out and checks out Baby Bird. Not sure what to think.

1130: Feed and change Baby Bird. Uggy isn't happy there is a strange growth on her Mommy.

1150: Go to the LYS. Baby is held and petted, almost as much as yarn. She sneezes, I tell them, she must be allergic to wool. I'm glared at.

1300: Baby Bird starts fussing, because she's hungry. I have to run home, because I thought the diaper bag had more then one bottle. I was wrong. The foster grandma's watch her while I go, pick up the bottle. Yes, it's been more then sixteen years since I've had to do the baby thing. I'm going to make mistakes.

1500: Come home. Grilltech is prepping the BBQ for tonight's slow cook: two pork butts, a small brisket, and two fatties.

1530: Eldest calls to see how things are going. Not sure when they'll be finishing up, but I should let Baby Bird lay on her tummy so she can practice holding her head up.

1600: Eldest comes over and Baby Bird wakes up and starts fussing, because I'm the meanest Grandma in the world who never feeds her.

1630: I realize, I didn't get any pictures. I'm a bad Grandma.

The rest of the day:

1700: We go out to dinner before shopping.

1900: Grilltech starts the fire and I pull out the meat.

2000: The grill is loaded and long wait begins.

2300: Grilltech is out tending the fire when he overhears the neighbor stating she can smell smoke and maybe there is a porch fire some place close. He goes over and lets her know he's smoking.

0100: We go to bed for a few hours.

0500: The alarm goes off and Grilltech gets up to tend the fire. I look at the time and freak out, because I missed the 0300 alarm.


Trish said...

lol...sounds like you did pretty darn good to me. :~) Won't take you any time at all to get back into the swing of things.

Amy Lane said...

Wheee!!! Grandma time--I'm with Trish--sounds like you did a pretty good job...and, hell, I kept forgetting baby wipes with the 4th one... your head gets too small for all the stuff to remember.

Mr. Shife said...

You sound like a pretty awesome Grandma. Unless of course you are shooting up heroin then you might be a bad Grandma.

Mr. Shife said...

Thanks for the link to that cartoon. Hilarious, and the timing was great.

Sandra said...

Sounds like Baby Bird made it through just fine! Grandma time is the best (according to my Mom, and my son...)