Monday, June 25th

Its the forth day of summer, and I'm sitting here huddled down wishing I had a jacket. I was cold some of the night, with just a sheet, Grilltech and cats for warmth. I'm wearing a 3/4th length shirt at work, but it's not enough. At this point, I'd like to thank my cube mates, Wow1 and BBQer for this lovely disease, In the future, you can keep your own germs. Since I'm taking the time to thank people, I should thank the Lawn Mowing guy from last night. Who mows their lawn at 20:30 on a Sunday?! I can mow (who am I kidding? Grilltech would be mowing) at 04:30? I hope to be sane soon. It may take a while.

I helped out at the store on Saturday. I suppose I should back up. Friday night, it was eat and knit at the shop. I made dip, because it was a) cool and b) quick. There was a handful of us and a good time was had by all. Grilltech stopped by and laughed at us. I left about 19:45 because I was tired. Went down to help out at the shop on Saturday. M ruptured the tendon in her foot, so she's on crutches for the next six months or so. It wasn't overly busy. But the elderly lady who needed help with a sock sure made it interesting.

I went home about 16:15. Grilltech and I went to the Second Annual Brewers Festival. It was crowded, loud and hot. There must have been about 30 booths, some had three or four different types of beers. OMG, De Boomgaard makes the most amazing Peach beer. It's a bit pricey, but worth it I think. We went back to that booth four times. YUMMY! At one point, a guy was cutting through the line, he looked at me and said, I'm just going through, not cutting. I was okay with it, then he starts, dancing I'm on this side, I'm on that side, cutting back and forth in the line. (It wasn't moving so I was more then okay with the entertainment.) Grilltech must have been glaring at him, because he stops, points at me, then Grilltech, then back to me. I smile and nod, he holds up his hands in the universal, I'm-not-doing-anything gesture, and then he disappeared into the crowd.

We did run into some of the local brewer club members. Since I only met them once, I didn't recognize them, but Grilltech did. They chatted a couple of minutes about which beers they liked so far and Spawn of Satan er, Fran. By the time we left, we must have consumed about three beers a piece. We sat in the park across the street, smelled the lovely BBQ fumes and listened to the DJ for about half an hour. I did get a bit sun burnt, but had a wonderful time.

I'll get the pictures fixed. I'm just being lazy, lazy.


Trish said...

yuck, you have the crude I had last week. I ached from head to toe, wore a blanket wrapped around me where ever I went. It started out with a sore throat. I asked hubby to shoot me but he said no. Shooting me sounded good at the time. :~)

Amy Lane said...

And why shouldn't you be lazy...if the Deity's had meant for us to move quickly in the summer, they wouldn't have made it so darn hot! It sounds like a lovely day! (I actually thought I'd come by and commented, then I remembered that I was mid-comment when one of the kids raised a ruckes, and I got logged off the computer when I went to answer!)