Monday, July 2nd

Friday after work, I drug Grilltech kicking and screaming to get his hair cut. (Don't believe him when he says, I didn't notice the hair cut.) From there we walked down to the new/used book store. He found another brew book. At the rate he's going, he'll have more brewing books then I'll have knitting books. We walked from there to Outback for dinner. It was nice to sit and chat, even if I was overheated. The Eldest is telling me it might be menopause. I'm trying hard not to roll my eyes to much.

On Saturday, the Youngest and I went and wandered yard sales. We found a cake knife set for ten bucks, which made her happy. I also picked up a Christmas present. On Sunday, she called me in tears because the diamond popped out of her engagement ring. I think its more nerves then anything else.

We went and saw Live Free or Die Hard. It was an action movie. Best quote: "I know that tone, it's strange coming from someone with hair."

The Eldest and family came over to dinner on Sunday night. Baby Bird was fussy towards the end, the Eldest said it was nap time. We laughed and said she'll sleep in the car on the way home, then be wide awake. The joys of parenting.

Saturday night, I made Grilltech drive me out to the desert. The moon rise was a 22:15 and it was one of the illusion ones. When the moon crested the hills, it was a lovely peach color and the size of exercise ball. We stayed until the moon turned silver. Next time we'll need to go when the moon isn't full, so we can see some stars.

I didn't knit one stitch this weekend. Not one. I think it's been close to a week now since I've last knit anything. Trish is right, it's time for cotton. Grilltech needs to new summer shirt.

and now for something completely different:



Amy Lane said...

Yeah...light cotton socks--exactly the thing...

Trish said...

lol....I'm starting a tank top for my sis. Besides socks, the wool is going to be put to the side for now. Cotton and Bamboo are going to win. :~)