List Day!

  • Guess who is knitting more mittens?

  • They're almost done with the construction; there were three cars at the bar this morning

  • I still haven't packed

  • Trying to decide what to take with me

  • Odd, I'm getting a DNS error when I try and hit Google at work

  • I've most likely already posted once; but not really sure if I did or not, so I'm doing it again

  • It's time to trim my nails, they're sliding off the keys

  • That's right, when you delete your cookies web pages don't remember who you are

  • The XO socks are done - but not paid for yet

  • Yes, there is a good story there which I'll tell later

  • Not only are they doing road construction along most of the major streets, now their blocking off my street

  • I suppose the option to clear this week's schedules would be bad

  • I'm thinking of taking the vest (four more inches or less! four more inches OR LESS!!) to knit on

  • Since the temperature drop, I'm able to work on it without overheating

  • First crash of the main database of the day

  • I left my windows rolled up just in case

  • One cow-orker called in sick

  • Another cow-orker has left sick

  • We're dropping like flies around here

  • Oops, needed to publish not calculate schedules

  • Oh well, more time to knit

  • Oh ya, with a Troll for three hours does nothing to get my job done

  • Before

  • I'm sneaking running off to see District 9 today

  • It was a good movie, not all action

  • After

  • All packed Mostly packed

  • I'm going to pull stuff out for the contest soon(tm). Once we get back

  • Have a good weekend everyone!!


Roxie said...

In just a few hours I'll see you face to face. Squeee!

Amy Lane said...

You guys are MEETING! I'm so jealous! So very very very jealous!

Enjoy the trip!

I hope you liked District Nine--we were going to see it, but we had to buy school supplies instead.

Donna Lee said...

Good movie. Intense. For some reason it reminded me of Starship Troopers. Maybe the bug/prawn likeness.