1000 Words

The XO socks are done. Grilltech loves them.

Close up of the XO pattern.

Another bag on the needles when it's too hot to knit anything else.

Finished the back while on the trip!!

Started the fronts:

Loot from the trip.

Roxie gave me some Sock that Rock! I've never knitted with it before.

Picked up a book at Powells. On sale!!

Found some Plum Tree sock yarn.

MIL said she wouldn't mind a set of mittens.

Has anyone knit with this? What really drew my attention was the L-O-N-G repeats.

Of course what is a photo shoot without supervision?


Donna Lee said...

I've never seen str in person but on the monitor the colors always look great. I just finished a pair of socks in that Plum tree color but it was from Art Walk Sock yarn club and it was Iris (Georgia O'Keefe). They are colorful and beautiful.

I love the xo socks. I might could get my husband to wear a pair like that. He's so picky about his socks being manly.

Sandra said...

Love that XO sock pattern! And you will love STR - it's one of my go-to sock yarns...

Amy Lane said...

That dog is so cute. Just sayin'...

And the socks are AWESOME--that is a VERY cool pattern there! (Purty yarn! You'll love the STR, and not just because those are my maiden name initials!)

Roxie said...

Those socks are even more awesome in person. Very MANLY and nifty.

The bag is tres chic! And hooray for finishing the sweater back!!

Lovs2Knit said...

Great projects! Love the socks. I really like STR but it's heavier then most sock yarns I use so it makes nice squishy socks.

Galad said...

You always have such wonderful projects. I have some STR but haven't even tried it yet.