List Day!

  • I'm feeling better

  • Now Grilltech has it

  • I counted four cars at the bar this morning

  • Didn't pass any boys in blue

  • I have one finger to finish then the first glove is done

  • The Gnome said, I need to train someone else to run my morning stuff

  • The girl doing it currently can't think outside the box

  • I'm sure in a couple of years she'll be fine, but right now lord help us all

  • Interesting

  • We watched The Man from Earth, Edith wore a lovely Enterlac vest

  • I should get up and walk around, I'm fighting to stay awake now

  • It doesn't help that Uggy is being a pest in the mornings and isn't letting me snooze

  • Tried to nap, but a cow-orker called me, so I knit instead

  • I was concentrating on something and the Gnome made me jump

  • Didn't heat up my lunch today, BBQer brought in doughnuts; now I'm starving

  • It's time to go home

  • I counted four car on the drive home


Donna Lee said...

And I thought I was the only one who occasionally didn't heat up her lunch and then ate some cupcakes! Or donuts. I love a good donut.

Roxie said...

What was it? Hope Grilltech recovers quickly!

Was it the same four cars?


Amy Lane said...

Yeah--definitely hope Grilltech is better... and knit in Santa Barbara? Definitely!