1000 Words

First of the XO Socks. I am writing the pattern up.

Plumes finished.

A while back, Samurai did a quasi me-me. She requested people post pictures of their knitting bag(s).

This is my orginal knitting bag. It's covered with stickers with lovely sayings like I weigh more than my S.A.T. score; It's all about me; I'd do anything for candy; and many, many others.

It now holds my needles. The Emergency Chocolate tin is full of DPNS.

I picked this one up at the LYS, mostly because it's a lovely shade of purple(s).

My second bag actually holds knitting - Grilltech's vest currently.

Last but not least, Grilltech's Vest. I have about 10 more inches to go before binding off the back. w00t!!! O.o


Galad said...

Great progress! I always like to see where you are with your projects.

Amy Lane said...

The xo socks are awesome! Can't wait to see that pattern!

And I'm just too embarrassed about the sheer quantity of crap that I have... I couldn't do that meme!