Thursday, July 20

Today doesn't seem to be my day. I'm so tired I purchased a soda to help wake up. As I was filling my cup, it over flowed. Luckily, I was able to get to off my desk in time, so not much of mess was made.

I seem to have lost the cabling needle I've been using at work. It is possible it's at home some place, but highly doubtful. I might have brought the needle home last night tucked behind my ear and went to bed with it. I guess it’s a good thing I brought a pair of socks to work on today also.

Since I forgot my cable needle, I've had to cable without a needle . The Internet is a wealth of great information! While doing my research as to learn how to do cable without a needle, it turns out I picked the same system as the Yarn Harlot. Guess I make good choices.

Finished off the ball of fixation I had, so I started on the sock. The new cabling style really knits much faster.

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Mr Johnson said...

Cabling without a needle. You are so smart. Hmm guess I'll need to get you a new cabling needle.