List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Last night was a very bad night
  • Today the tool is down, I should have called in
  • I'm able to work again
  • I'm a bit out of practice writing these things up, or all I have to write about is complaints of cow-orkers
  • Which I'm sure, no one really wants to read
  • Is it a compliment when someone says, You need to change professions and become a sales person. :-)
  • Just because we're friends doesn't mean I'll give you special treatment, go look up the information
  • See above, it’s not my job to tell the rest of the group what to bring, it’s yours. You’re the host now; pick up the job
  • I hate waiting to hear back from the doctor's office
  • Rough day, my head is now foggy. It’s a good thing it’s time to go home


Galad said...

Sounds like you need some time off. Are you off both Thursday and Friday?

Donna Lee said...

I am not the IT person in my department but you wouldn't know that by the number of requests I get for help every day. And being the basically nice person I am, I help them. I think this is called "enabling".

Happy Fourth!