List Day

  • Grilltech counted five cars at the bar yesterday
  • I'm on a new medication, hopefully this one works better for me
  • Talk about AMAZING (RAV)!!
  • We're bird sitting, I keep trying to get Daizy to say meow. It's not working, so far
  • I left my good headphones at home. Thankfully, I have a backup pair
  • Grilltech and I are having fun coming up with a movie for the Asylum
  • Okay, I'm getting out of hand, but wonders if I know anyone with screenwriting experience
  • Now I get it!!
  • Is it just me? The above article talks about healthy eating after work outs, then at the bottom of the page has Recipe: Brussels Sprouts with Brown Butter and Sage this?
  • Oh wait, brown butter not brown sugar
  • PLOT TWIST!! I’m not supposed to talk to myself mean any more
  • Grilltech is making pork chops for dinner tonight
  • Daizy needs a spa treatment, her talons are long!

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