Weekend Wrap Up

I had a pretty nice weekend. Saturday night, Grilltech and I went outside of town to our favorite star gazing spot. Within minutes the meteors started. It wasn't a full showing, but there were several really nice streaks. If we looked north, we could watch lightening. It was pretty awesome.

I have about eight rows to go and I'll have finished my third repeat of the fifth chart. I'm getting excited; only six rows to go then the Queen will be done! Long live the Queen!! Grilltech keeps teasing me he's going to spill coffee on the tablecloth. I'm not worried, it's made from cotton, so no stress there. I'm starting to get excited about knitting again. (TWO excited in one paragraph? Really?)

It's funny how I have to take a minute and do the addition in my head. Today I was working with someone to does it in the blink of an eye. I'll admit I'm a teensy, weensy bit jealous of the way both Grilltech and Thing2 can do that in their heads so fast. Funny thing is, Old Timer feels the same way about me.

Friday, I saw a twisted on stuffed peppers, I took it and ran. Instead of using thinly sliced chuck roast, I pulled out the brisket and man it turned out awesome. I've having left overs for lunch.

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Roxie said...

Brisket-stuffed peppers? Yum!

Queen of the world nearly done? Oh, you so totally rock!

Mental addition? It just takes practice. Practice, practice.