List Day

  • Only one car in at the bar this morning
  • We didn't get snow in the valley and it's still raining currently
  • I took Friday off, it’s a four day weekend for me!
  • Not sure how I feel about the plane off the coast of California
  • I came to the conclusion it was solar flares
  • While Grilltech is saying the dolphins (and whales) are making a bid to become a space power
  • Three hours of schedule manipulation just became obsolete
  • Finished the green shift scarf
  • Okay, it was more ran out of yarn than finished
  • Day is mostly over
  • Well, then we get to go to the gym


Donna Lee said...

I love the long weekends! Taking Friday off makes the week so much shorter.

But then there's the gym.....

Roxie said...

Three day work week this week, five days next week, three days the week after - How will they survive without you?

Yes, out of yarn means the scarf is finished - unless you're Dr. Who.

Amy Lane said...

I like John Stewart's suggestion best!

Amy Lane said...

I like John Stewart's suggestion best!

Red said...

Well, dolphins *are* really smart....

Megan said...

I hope you had a good long weekend.