No Name Post

We had another storm on Saturday. It snowed most of the day. Not a lot in the way of moisture, it was the small little flakes that turn to ice when compressed. The drive way and porch were shoveled several times during the course of the storm. I'd say there is about two or three inches of snow out there and bitter cold. The news is saying more is coming on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Man I hate winter.

I did quite a bit of knitting this weekend.

Cut off several inches of sleeves Grilltech's green sweater, because he was always pulling the sleeves up. I picked up and knitted a cuff of 20 rows. He's wearing the sweater today. Now the sleeves are too short. We decided to add another 20 rows, which will make it a bit longer and him happier.

On Thursday, I finished my sleeves then casted on for the body of the sweater. In order to save myself some stress and knit the whole thing as one piece instead of seperate three parts like the directions state. Start knitting the pattern, (63 stitches) it's not working. Snarl and rip out all 250 stitches. Re-cast on all stitches, decide to purl a row to help make next row stitches stand out better. Pattern still isn't coming out right. Snarl again. Go get another skein, cast on 126 stitches to knit the two fronts at the same time. Pattern still isn't working out. Rip out again. Snarl more. Decide it's time to walk away from the knitting. An hour later cast on the 250 stitches only this time I decide to read the pattern directions. Oh, find the reason why the pattern wasn't working out. Feel like a complete and utter dumbass. Right front is completed. Move on to the back, it's dead on. Left front do opposite of the right. Whew, first row is done! Work second and third row. Realize on the fourth row that the left front is slightly off. Stare at it and decide at this point I can live with it.

With the kids moving out the Wii will be going away, so that means it's time to get serious about going to the gym again. It will be a while before we can afford one. So, today after work we're off to the gym. Wish me luck.

Turns out we're not going to the gym, Grilltech needs to swing by and drop a package in the mail. Which is okay, the gym will still be there. Oh wait, that's what I've been saying for how long now?


Roxie said...

Yeah, I'm thinking a Wii will be more cost-effective than that gym membership.

That's why I don't knit with patterns. It's easier to figure out how I want it to be rather than try to figure out what someone else had in mind.

Amy Lane said...

Oh wow... I have SO been there with the sweater pattern! Condolences and sympathies. And I foresee a day when I would give away most of the electronics we own to have Big T move out of the house. Not yet--but give it four years.

btw--tell grilltech I think he's right. I love my old ratty sweaters because they've been beaten into submission.