About twenty minutes ago (1010), I decided it was time to heat up lunch. I was grabbing change to purchase some chips when the power went out. We still have computers, because of the generators. The down side? There isn't any power to the crap food machines and microwaves. Grilltech offered me his lunch, but I don't want to leave him without anything.

Power came back on at 1050, so I was able to get lunch. The big display clock on the wall is off by an hour, both a blessing and curse. I can dream it's that much closer to go home, but it's not.

On the plus side, I'm walking down to knit and drink coffee with the Bride. May be I'll take the newest sweater down to work on.


Roxie said...

Used to be, you could warm your lunch just by leaving it on top of the tower. Things are different now.

Amy Lane said...

Mmm... but isn't grilltech a gentleman?