List Day

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Both tools I use are down
  • Remember this song?
  • Completed all the increases for the sleeves, now I only have three inches to knit
  • We're having ham for dinner tomorrow
  • The promised 4-8 inches of snow didn't come, but the cold temperatures did
  • Anyone remember this one?
  • WOW, not sure who walked by, boy-howdy that's some strong perfume
  • It was a bad night of sleep at the Tech house
  • This one bring back memories?
  • We're losing the Wii The kids are moving out!
  • Left work early
  • This snow makes everything brighter, my eyes hurt
  • Havoc is like Tigger, he bounces
  • Last one, how about this one?


Galad said...

Enjoy your day tomorrow and keep warm!

Sandra said...

thanks for the ear worms. THere's no way those songs are oing to leae my head for weeks!

Roxie said...

I must have been living under a rock. I've never heard ANY of those songs. Donny Osmond? Of Donny and Marie? In a pompador haircut? Laughing myself sick!!

May every turkey you meet be stuffed and roasted!