List Day

  • Counted ten cars at the bar this morning
  • Wednesday only had four of them
  • Didn't take the sweater last night, still working on Grilltech's green shift scarf
  • I estimate about a foot and a half still to go
  • While I did vote on Tuesday, I couldn't tell you who won
  • Tomorrow is Procreator’s birthday
  • We didn't plan anything for dinner, guess we'll stop by the store on the way home
  • A gal down the corridor from me is wearing almost the same shade of purple as me, but a different style of shirt
  • How do you handle the OM fondling your knitting?
  • I was away from my desk at the time, so he thought I wouldn’t know
  • The week is almost over, thankfully
  • For some reason, my left knee is hurting
  • Maybe it's the weather


Perkygoth said...

did you send that gal an email and said that it was purple day???

Lovs2Knit said...

hmmmm, could be that the cars at the bar were from those who are depressed about who won the election.

Galad said...

Hope you had a good weekend and the knee is feeling better

Amy Lane said...

I guess you can't call your OM a dirty old man, now can you?