List Day

  • Counted four cars with only one head light on the way to work
  • Last night was a full lunar eclipse*
  • We both forgot to start dinner, so it was stir fry on the way home
  • Tomorrow is Perky's birthday
  • We're going to Jackpot
  • I'm feeling much, much better
  • Grilltech and I got our Christmas gift to each other early
  • We laugh as it tells us, it's your third day!
  • And sigh at having to unlock everything again
  • My hands are chapped, so I'm using bag balm on them, now they're oily
  • Only 19 more squares to go on the afghan
  • Can I pretend it's done?
  • Have a good night...

* No naked dancing around a fire, it's way to cold up here for that!

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

By all means, pretend the afghan is done... (or farm it out to someone who will finish it for you!)