List Day

  • Counted either five or six cars at the bar this morning, it was kinda hard to tell in the dense fog
  • It's a pretty quiet here, it's been three hours and I've only put down one sentence
  • GAH! Grilltech forgets half the things I tell him
  • Okay, to be fair I might do the same thing when he talks about Malifaux
  • That's scary, I spelled Malifaux right first try!
  • Still lots of dense fog out there
  • I've got to get pictures of stuff and get them in the mail
  • Okay, wrapped then in the mail
  • I think I'm going to sign up for the Year of Stash Socks with Trish
  • Saw actual sunshine for 20 minutes, now the fog is coming back


Galad said...

I kind of like fog but then we only get it about once every 2 years :-)

Roxie said...

Dense fog in Idaho? Whoa! What's next, the appocolypse?

Amy Lane said...

Fog... the bane of Sacramento... seriously-- our fog can be REALLY deadly... and that Year of Stash Socks thing sounds REALLY cool. I've been thinking of having Chicken make 'sock sacks' so I can do my own sock club from stash!