List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • The roads in were wet and slushy, but mostly clear
  • Grilltech is amazing!
  • Found a bag I like, (I got the raspberry one)
  • Now I have to wait for it to show up
  • Did I mention how amazing Grilltech is?
  • I hate bug hunts - have to figure out why a report is failing - UGH
  • Looks like the fog is rolling in
  • GAH! I fix one site, then the next site decides it’s going to quit working
  • Oh yea, I get paid the same no matter what I'm doing
  • The tree across the street has so much snow on it, it's drooping
  • For that matter, so are the ones at home
  • Interesting for those who need charts
  • Grilltech is wearing the green sweater today, twice this week
  • Makes it hard for me to lengthen his sleeves if it's dirty... Hey, that's a good thing
  • Or I can make him a new one, I do have green cotton yarn purchased and waiting
  • Procreator is a sweetheart, he got me a diet coke with lime while he was out running around
  • No snow today, but the roads are crappy


Roxie said...

What aspect of the amazing Grilltech are we admiring today?

Mr. Shife said...

I am sick of the snow, and I am glad to hear this Grilltech fellow is amazing.

Amy Lane said...

Okay- -yeah... what did Grilltech do? (I mean, we already know he's amazing... what part are we admiring today?)