2/5th of the Week

Yesterday, I was out sick. When the alarm went off, it was all I could do to pull myself out of bed and e-mail half the team I wouldn't be in. I slept until 0830 and it was just what I needed. I managed to get some Christmas knitting done. I've gotta run to the LYS and pick up another skein of Cascade 220; because a 12 inch foot requires two. While I'm there, maybe I'll get a little extra for Grilltech's new mitts. Or at least make myself a pair because I stole his today.

Purchased a bag of chips out of the machine, looked at my change and found a surprise. One side was a dime and the other was a penny. A bit of research shows it's a fake. But it's still awesome.


Roxie said...

And the machine took and returned the hybrid. Interesting. Could the extra nine cents possibly have been worth the work to split a dime and a penny and glue them together?

Hope you feel better soon. Need for sleep is quite reasonable

emicat said...

That's an odd coin to get back as change (but certain a good one to try to use again heehee). Sorry to hear you're sickie - hope you feel better soon.

I've been trying to avoid the crud that's going through the office - hopefully I can fight it! :)

Amy Lane said...

That's almost a sign from the universe, baby... I wonder what kind of sign... But I'm glad you feel better and got some sleep!