It appears to have stopped raining for a while. They said it was suppose to start snowing about 0600 this morning, but it didn't happen. They now say, the cold snap should make it here by tonight and we could wake up to snow. Right now, snow is the furthest thing from my mind. The sun is shining brightly on the foothills. They're snow covered and glowing that pure white that hurts your eyes. In my world, there is a huge mountain range called the Crystal Mountains that are snow covered year round and glow like our foot hills are now.


Roxie said...

luminous foothills do not belong in a blah blogpost. Sunshine - you haven't spent enough time with rain if you find sunshine blah. How about a picture for those of us who are light-deprived?

And the cold is a-commin' your way, baby!

Galad said...

We had lots of snow over Christmas and now it is just about gone. Winter is weird that way.

Amy Lane said...

The weather has been like a fickle girl this year. Wench. I wish she'd figure out what she wants!