List Day!

Wrote the post yesterday, but posted early this morning.
  • It seems we hit every red light between home and work this morning
  • Reports have died, so I'm dead in the water
  • I have the pleasure of working help desk tickets
  • Grilltech and I must have been kicking each other in our sleep last night, both of us are stiff and sore
  • I'm having orange juice on the rocks at work, I think I need more vodka
  • I've got pictures of the finished shawl, but I'm currently too lazy to post them
  • Plus, I don't have the final picture
  • The answer to which report is he talking about - is not I don't know, he just tells me I'm wrong
  • I hunted for the checkbook this morning and couldn't find it
  • I'm hoping it under piles of knitting somewhere
  • Grilltech is dealing with an icky customer
  • There is thirty more minutes of my day left, I hope he'll get out on time
  • My desk has been mostly shoved off and I still can't find the checkbook
  • When should I start worrying about it?


Donna Lee said...

I know where my checkbook is but I can't remember the last time I wrote a check. I seem to pay everything online these days.

Amy Lane said...

I wanna see that shawl! And poor Grilltech! I hate icky people!